Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mishmash new fresher water sea ice floating snow collage showing its stripes of open water

As the shadow of the Earth casts its yearly Polar winter foment, in darkness, sea ice has never been so chaotic,  instigated by warmth despite extreme huge dispersion events:

 By now, the likely lower sea surface saline surface froze despite warmer than -1.8 C sea water.  
This causes a rubbery thin not so salty ice,  easily deformable,  a paradox is created,  the warmer sea 
has a temporary roof which opens at times adding to the stable Arctic cyclonic prevalence about.  A positive feedback in tandem with clouds keeping winter to start over the continents.  This onto itself changes the weather Circulation for the entire Northern Hemisphere.WD October 1, 2016  

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