Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ex Hurricane Nicole appears to have displaced the jet stream Northwards

~Is not the first time an Ex-hurricane affected the jet stream...

   Now that formerly Hurricane-Tropical Storm Nicole approached Greenland,  something caught my eye:

SFSU jet stream animation October 14-18, 2016,   usually marking  Low pressures to the North of the main jet stream.   However hurricane Nicole exhibited some unique features which are interesting.  

Zoomed  SFSU animation Oct 14-18,  As Post Tropical Storm Nicole approached South East Greenland (end of animation loop),  the Jet stream bent Northwards,  as if the ex-Hurricane was a High pressure rather than a Cyclone.  Note the beginning of this animation small 993 mb Cyclone over Ireland having the Jet stream to its Southern perimeter.

<<<<<< Small 993 mb Cyclone with Southern Perimeter jet stream (traced in red),  quite normal and expected.

CMC surface map October 14 18:00 UTC
(Colour markings mine)

<<<<<<<<<<<Tropical Storm Nicole flanked to the North by jet stream (traced in red).

CMC October 17, 2016 12:00 UTC.
   (Colour markings mine)

<<<<<<<   Red line South of Greenland is the jet stream.

<<<<Post tropical storm nears Greenland.  Moving Northwards

CMC October 18,2016 18:00 UTC
  (Colour markings mine)

<<<<<<<   PTS Nicole still heading towards the Pole,  clearly bent and moved the jet stream Northwards.    Most often (but not always) Cyclones make the jet stream do the opposite,  bend Southwards.

          This is clearly an interesting observation,  approaching towards the North Atlantic run of the mill  Cyclones usually  influence the jet stream to move to their South.

 CMC 250 mb chart  October 19 2016,
PTS Nicole now an important Polar Cyclone,
right where most  Cyclones usually spin others to move Eastwards.   Northwards trek seems to have stalled,  but it is still a very significant
about 860 mb.  

<<<   Just starting jet at right of frame.

                       CMC October 19, 12:00 UTC surface chart.   As I write the Low is 962 mb.  

WD October 18,2016

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