Sunday, November 13, 2022

Ice on Mars equator, rather permafrost is everywhere on the red planet, Eh2r success story, bad news for another theory though.

 ~First suggested here 8 years ago,  permafrost was detectable without drilling on Mars.  

  On BBC recent report you can see meteorite crater confirm ice below ground:

of a news article already almost a year old:

  .....   only confirms what EH2r research has discovered years ago:

and here some 8 years ago: 

   It is gratifying to realize that no digging was needed by humans,   Mars surface is unlivable,  but by just watching, observing, something we refraction researchers do all the time. 

        Refraction studies do overlap or very closely resemble space time studies.   Of which Dark Matter or Dark Energy,  has a huge observation problem,  we don't see any hint of this huge content of theoretical mass.  Of which gravitational lensing,  ably explained by Einstein equations,  was confirmed by a solar eclipse.  Dark matter and energy has no such equivalent.   Consider all the trillion stars covering our sky,  the very minute exact position they maintain,  never changing position in the slightest,  despite the observer,  ie any telescope on earth or in space,  constantly moving through space.   Many stars should be slightly moving ever so now and then,  given the massive presence of Dark Matter.  

      In light of this EH2r Mars successful permafrost observation confirmation,  and the power and dominance of -observing- in science,  I don't give much time for the Dark Matter and Energy theories not to be considered plausible in the very least.....WD November 13, 2022.