Friday, November 23, 2012

EH2r pre-journal work in progress

Coming soon...   Pre Peer reviewed Article construction site

    For science journal editors,  those who actually look for interesting articles.  Here is a preview oh EH2r,  horizontal refraction work in progress,  if editors are interested in publishing any of these articles please contact the author  found on the bottom of my main web page.

Paper 2012 1 .    Ascending boundary layers.  

           Near refraction analysis have shown disparities between radiosonde measurements and simultaneous optical refraction readings.  A discussion
of why these conflicting results exists.   Progressive disappearance of extreme inversions at the surface to air interface were observed first hand.    Diagonal green flashes reveal what happened,  the  high Arctic SAI is becoming more and more adiabatic.

    Paper ready for review and publication since May 2012.

Paper 2013 1 .  Pre massive blizzard optical distortions.  

            While remote sensing gives enormous insight in upcoming weather.  Hard to explain near refraction optics do the same.

      Paper writing in progress.

Paper 2013 2.    Greater thermal influence of the horizon sun.

                      This small paper is rather photographic proof of thermal influence of the very low elevation sun.  Commonly thought as contributing next to nothing in terms of heat ,   the low sun in clear Arctic air actually significantly  alters the structure of the lower troposphere,  especially with thinner sea ice.   Days of data show a sun with zenith
angle 84 degrees or greater reshaping the structure of the lower troposphere.

   Paper writing in progress.