Thursday, May 25, 2023

EQUILIBRIUM , new horizon refraction discovery of what happens when Ti***=Tl***

 ~When heat radiation balance of Arctic lands  equals Sea ice ,  something extraordinary happens.  

~The Northern Hemisphere general circulation radically changes.  

    Whilst doing optical refraction research,  I discovered a thermal balance horizon image,   horizontal refraction between land covered by snow Tl***,  was the same as horizontal refraction of sea ice covered by snow Ti***,  on May17-18 this happened.  I realized that this was an important moment,  when the radiation balance of the entire Arctic became in equilibrium.  Thus,  there was no longer competing zones with the coldest air in the Arctic,  the Cold Temperature North Pole,  CTNP.  But rather a Pole centric CTNP.  Instead of 2 CTNP's on each continent there became only one.

                                                                                                       From May 7 to 17 the 600 mb coldest temperatures fractured the world with planetary waves  right above,
the 2 CTNP's looked very much like Galaxy simulations about to merge.  But the weather further South was perturbed by these waves,  hence General Circulation flowed or surfed the waves.    Which meant that in some zones ,  the weather appeared quite stable.   All this changed on the 17th,  where upon it is likely that the entire Arctic energy balance was more steady,  no more was land surface colder than sea ice .  Being equal means a consolidation of weather patterns.  The North Pole is coldest now,  because that is where the least sun radiation reaches the surface,  the Arctic continents have warmed to the point where they have lost the ability to generate deep cooling.

May 18 onwards , left,  600 mb represents the Density Weighted Temperature of the entire troposphere,  at least it is the closest standard level to it.  Here we see the North Pole centric nature of a single CTNP.  This brings about a much more fluid weather circulation pattern Southwards,  with planetary waves far less spread out,  otherwise if longer causing such weather phenomena as "Omega Blocks"  .  This less mega wavy geometry has coincided with the land and sea ice horizon refraction being equal,  for many days since the 17th . Near North Pole weather is far steadier as well,  with frequent Quasi Stationary pressure systems,  again appearing within a day when optical refraction on land became undistinguishable with sea ice. This Arctic equilibrated surface thermal feature completely has changed weather Northern World wide.   

     CMC surface analysis May 20 at 06 12 18 and may 21 00 UTC .  Look at the QS ,  Quasi Stationary Cyclone at the North Pole,  WD May 25 2023