Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Supercomputers are no good at flipping coins. Can't grasp what a CTNP is.

~Supercomputers are perfect,  but without a threshold of consciousness , they need ears and observation skills.

~Missed massive positive temperature anomaly for half of North America.
~Computer shows that it has no cognizance capable of recognizing a Vortex circulation.

Here is one of accuweather's  latest sketch:

   A dangerous ,  certainly multiple record shattering heat wave for North America.  We note especially the green cooler zone North of  the Great Lakes, is where the Canadian Arctic Archipelago CTNP lies (Cold Temperature North Pole,  fancy highly technical description simplification for the Polar Vortex),   which dominated the North American and Northern Hemisphere weather circulation most times since November 2017.  So how come the same super computers long term forecast gave this:

  Amazingly weird Accuweather long term forecast,  seems the model did not realize that the "below" blue zone temperatures was accurate,  and can only be part of a vortex structure strangely mangled winter like,  since Baffin Island can't be warmer like this in summer, when influx is from very cold North Atlantic.  Note the "Above" zones,  at least almost got State of Maine right.  Essentially a Vortex circulation is counterclockwise,  would drag much warmer air towards the Northeast to the South of it.

    NOAA July 2 temperature anomaly,  look at Baffin Island and Western North America.  This is exact picture of what as CTNP would do in summer.  Colder to its Southwest warmer to its Southeast.

   Therefore I would kindly request supercomputer to read my yearly April projection,  should not be that hard,  I read the models crunching's daily,  reading my humble forecast once a year should not be much of an effort...

Note NOAA + ECMWF models also got it wrong,  not only Accuweather but Weather Underground as well, it was foreseen as such:


Please note sensational new methods which enabled me to crack the temperature resolution syndrome:


Also my rudimentary sketches which turned out to be accurate:


    Note to human experts,  is nice to beat the computers at something,  I only win at computer chess 3% at the time.WD July 3,2018

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