Sunday, July 1, 2018

Formula 1 Arctic Gyre: 48 nautical miles in 7 days

North of Beaufort Sea June 15 to June 27 2018,  we look at the biggest pan of ice from June 20 to 27 moving nearly at 7 nautical miles a day due West which crashes sea ice up Alaska's Arctic coast.  The amount of sea ice scattering is quite remarkable, its self inflicted  crushing to mush does not show up as a lessening of sea ice extent.... Yet....

     As soon as there is a break in the contrarian winds,  the Gyre current takes up it's true form  ,  we also note that on this picture above,  extent as likely stayed the same or increased,  despite no freezing at all,  in fact due to temperatures there should have been a substantial decrease.   The outdated standard concept of 15% extent rule was not designed for this reality,  and no authority measuring sea ice  has adjusted to the new reality of thinner ice spreading out more vigorously. WD July 1, 2018 

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