Monday, July 9, 2018

Hollowing from within at 80 degrees North, the untold story

~Longitude 147 degrees West
~ Severe movement is destroying the fabric of stable sea ice

    2012 greatest melt in history  , about 80 North 147 West,  more or less stable sea ice which mostly all melted at maxima.

  2012 same date and location there is movement ,  as one big unified sheet.

    Same date same frame capture but 2018,  really broken up sea ice.  This a feauture of 2018 current melt.

     With much more open water barely recognizable sea ice structures  moving individually much faster,  not at all like 2012.  A completely unstable configuration prone to absorbing more sun rays  since there is much more open water.  On record,  the 15% extent  rule makes this nearly 100% sea ice.WD July 9 2018

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