Thursday, June 2, 2022

Rogue Vortice special Real effects

 ~As the pressure switchover looms,   the Polar Vortex fades in grandeur

~But as such many Rogue Vortices are created

~One May 31 Rogue gave some special effects

A Typical GOES satellite Infra Red picture loop,  May 31  2022 look at the center cloud circulation,  towards the South East,  nothing much to look at.  Until you look at the surface prog,  turns out the clouds are turning the wrong way:

Red X marks the spot,  the surface isobaric flow opposes the movement of clouds.  But the culprit is a Rogue Vortice from the ever shrinking Polar Vortex:

This Vortice is breaking away from the amorphous mangled Polar Vortex really centered in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (CAA) , this Labrador Vortice  at center is -10 C quite cold for this time of the year.   Again from a sign that the North CAA Cold Temperature North Pole is not done yet:

June 2 2022 700 mb -26 C over Cornwallis Island ,  quite cold CTNP,   The switch over is not in yet,  still on sched,  because its so cold there, for about mid June.  Note the -10 C Labrador Vortice gone,  because Rogues don't last long but their effects give lasting memories.  WD June 3 2022

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