Sunday, August 26, 2018

Slow Bye Bye of East Siberian ice peninsula is finally culminating

~ Yet, the JAXA numbers don't show this despite stunning image suggesting eminent disintegration

     What is left of the East Siberian sea ice peninsula once mighty at just past mid July :

....  Is a mere skeleton of former self:

Apparently August 24 to 25,  32,974 km2 vanished in a day,  while the new blue areas easily span more than 200,000 km2,  nevertheless,  the visual aspect is much more catastrophic than the numerical one....  While 4 km resolution makes 2018 #1,  at least in the NSIDC comparison graph given:

2018 is #1 lowest in extent compared with all years since 2014,  which I guess was the start of monitoring at 4 km grids. wd August 26 ,  2018

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