Monday, August 27, 2018

Dancing with the winds sea ice, skillfully confuses extent numbers

~Misinterpreting freezing with moving

 NASA EOSDIS about centred 77 North 180 W August 20 to 27,  despite clouds we look at it move and compressing towards the right ,  then stop to only move and expand to the left,  it is a system generated melt stall,  ice was moving by anticyclone to the right,  an increasing in intensity cyclone displaces the pack to the opposite direction,  the ensuing result is this:

   The Peninsula sea ice with highest density (to the right),  moved where a lot of melting and compression has just occurred towards the left,  as such,  there will be apparent lower melt rates until the modest cyclone scattering will break the peninsula in 2.    WD August 27,2018

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