Monday, November 7, 2016

Not enough North Pole Old multiyear sea ice to make Arctic Siberia normally bitter cold

  Imagine a parcel of air moving like a box on a very long transpolar conveyor belt 2 meters above sea and ice.  In the box there is a thermometer.   This is how we can judge how effective sea ice is in cooling warm air coming from the very warm North Atlantic:
CMC 12 UTC November 6, 2016 surface analysis.  Demonstrates a meek cooling over sea ice of about 14 C over a very long distance by way of the North Pole (1200 Nautical Miles).  Then after,  the remaining Pacific sector open water warms the parcel more than +12 C.  Rendering Northeastern Siberia unusually warmer  than Central Siberia,  where winter has started in full. WD November 7, 2016

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