Monday, July 2, 2018

Velocity driven sea ice, apparent slow incremental melting is about to change suddenly

  Beaufort sea,  there was more open water a while back,  sea ice is constantly replenished until it becomes too scattered which evidently is demonstrated here with JAXA extent June 28,30 and July 1 (the darkest sketch).  Eventually the ice will melt further as it disperses,  it is surely a most effective way of melting sea ice but takes more time to show.     Western entrance of the Northwest passage will show very few clues about this if observed from Banks Island Canada.  Basically one static sheet of sea ice reflects more light than broken up ice pack.  Of course a more static sheet would allow an un-intruded area of sea water to warm further,  but the melting goes slow at the main pack shore area. Here we have sea water warming up deep within the pack core.  As this animation demonstrates,  eventually a greater deal of the loose pack will be infiltrated by warmed surface water unmixed by winds.  WD July 2 2018

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