Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Monster hot sst from Pacific finishing off broken up sea ice extremely rapidly

~The damage was done my movement of sea ice,  the job of melting is finished off by warmer sst's.

    July 19-July 31 JAXA loop demonstrating the process of total disintegration of sea ice in the Pacific sector of the Pole,  with extreme rapidity.  We note lesser but significant melting everywhere else with open water. 

  Zoomed July 29-31:
  The East Siberian sea ice Peninsula (1.5 million km2 strong)  is in the process of completely disappearing,  when so looses cohesion, as a result,  sea ice scatters and nulls the extent numbers loss a bit,  only to be corrected when every pan of pack vanishes.  WD August 1, 2018

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