Sunday, July 15, 2018

Massive Counterclockwise river of Arctic Ocean sea ice floods Beaufort sea

~All while there are at least 2 clockwise gyres or sea ice vortices near by.
We can note that the near entirety of Arctic Ocean pack is turning counterclockwise,  except about Beaufort Sea receiving a gradually thinning pack coming from Russia, before that from the North Atlantic.  There are 2 smaller clockwise Gyres North of Alaska, but the main influx of ridging is towards its shores giving the illusion that this years melt is slow.  In fact as this JAXA June 28 to July 14 animation demonstrates,  the  Central Russian open water pack has vanished because of melting and the Ostrov Komsomolets Islands and Ozera Taymyr Peninsula acting like an ice dam,  and so goes for East Siberian Islands.  Once foreseen switching back to dominant High pressure North of Alaska will return,  the compaction will be ruthless in the other turning direction.  A couple of things to note:  The Normal Arctic Ocean Gyre has been overtaken,  Banks Island no longer creates open water by its circulation,   is extraordinary that Beaufort Sea has open water at all, the source of broken up sea ice appears endless at the moment.  In addition to Beaufort sea,  new Fram Strait's are now in Chukchi and Bering seas,  the North Atlantic sea water not receiving any sea ice can only warm further for extreme melting and be on the ready for when the Gyre driven Transpolar drift resumes.WD July 15 2018 

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