Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dark Bering sea ice trap, super melting

~While we contemplate the bigger picture,  apparently more sea ice than 2012?
~Whilst Beaufort sea gets flooded with rapidly moving sea ice
~A giant melt machine is in place

  Whilst summer in progress, already forgotten last winter Bering Strait lack of sea ice has already started a melt factory:

Bering Strait 2018 has much more open water than 2012,  2018 has much much faster Gyre current than 2012,  the combination is doom for sea ice at that location:

June 21 to July 1 2018 rapid sea ice melt in progress,  the gyre sends its badly broken up sea ice  over warmed up waters from the left (Alaska),  on its way clockwise it melts over more ancient warmer water,  leaving but open water in its wake.  WD July 1,2018

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