Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Unprecedented Kara sea ice retreat at Novaya Zemlya, when winter cold should reign supreme.

 ~At least since 2004,  which highly likely means since historical records began.  

~Whilst 2024 maxima hovers about 14 million square Kilometers , right near the lowest extent ever.

University Bremen AMSR2 sea ice concentration  February 24 to March 4 2024:

Now March 4's 2004 to 2024,  2024 is the only one with water South of Novaya Zemlya Island,  at or near Maxima extent,  a fast retreat in the works.  Likely by the nature of sea ice in the sea of Kara,  thinner,  weaker,  not what it use to be not very long ago, not able to survive warmer weather of late.   Early days 2024 already suggest a record year of sea ice events.  WD March 5, 2024