Friday, July 27, 2018

Vast 2018 region of Arctic Ocean sea ice in much worse shape than 2012

~Gyre area sea ice about to totally melt or simply move away very rapidly
~15% extent rule certainly favours 2012 as having similar sea ice extent than 2018 in same region.

July 26 2018 Gyre region sea ice is in a catastrophic state.  We can see the blue ocean overtaking the pristine white sea ice. 

2012 same date same place was in bad shape as well,  but not as terrible as 2018 deep in the Gyre zone.

A closer look:

  In all technicality 2018 has less sea ice than 2012 for a vast area,  but the 15% extent rule makes 2012 similar.   Hindsight being 20/20 ,  we did not know how bad 2012 was until a very strong
early August cyclone came through,  having the benefit of this history, we now know that 2018 is
very much going to overtake 2012 very soon,  at least in this region,  there should be not a lot of sea ice left come late September. WD July 27,2018

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