Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Massive more static ice pans or fast moving broken up sea ice, which ice-scape melts fastest? Answer found in 2007

We first look at 2012 July 2 pack Just North of Beaufort sea:

2012 melted more in place, with extremely large pack ice pans, sign of slower movement.
   Same location July 2 2018, this static image is misleading, the sea ice is moving very fast, compressing in some parts scattering in others. Sun rays are effectively penetrating in the core pack more than 2012. There is a lot of 2018 open water not measured by the 15% rule as well.
   Beaufort sea 2007 end of June till mid July,  pack ice 2007 was more like 2018 than 2012.  But with apparent slower movement.  We know the great sea ice vanishing result in 2007,  which had more extent of much thicker sea ice than 2018 on July 2.  This indicates a strong melt is in the cards for 2018....WD July 3 2018

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