Monday, August 28, 2017

Weakened Global Circulation consequences; hurricane Harvey has nowhere to go

~ NYTimes sums it up: “This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced,” the federal service said on Twitter on Sunday."

~ Not only isolated to Americans but To India and Bangladesh seasonal monsoons: "Modi said the floods had wreaked havoc on a massive scale, adding that altered weather cycles linked to climate change were having a big negative impact. He announced 200,000 rupees’ compensation (£2,374) to the families of those killed in the deluge and 50,000 rupees to those seriously injured."

~ Japan was not spared" Not only for only Tokyo area.

~Europe had mostly very hot weather as predicted:

~ A huge Swiss Mountain Landslide came with the heat and melted permafrost:
Permafrost thaw

"The reason is that the high mountains are not as cold as they once were. Marcia Phillips, a permafrost researcher with Switzerland's Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, has been analysing temperatures all over the Alps."

Hurricane stalls are not necessarily very rare, but Global Circulation not moving normally has consequences all over the world.

If you weaken the source of Arctic cold air creating the familiar Global Wind patterns , a more stagnant circulation ensues, as such predicted in April:

  If you shrink the mass of cold ice to a much smaller surface area, circulation stalls would occur all over the world, as they have. We remember numerous Hurricanes such as Katrina, Frederic and others hitting ground but not lasting long over the continent, swiftly brushed away mainly to the North North East.


The remarkable projection right above this CMC August 28 2017 1800 UTC surface analysis, placed the main Highs and Lows pretty much where they happened today.
It is not a coincidence, but rather a correct interpretation of the future. We look at further details with IR animation:

What I noticed , is particularly the Western Part of the US, the Southward flow of clouds, Hurricane Harvey more or less stalled with a very small North Eastwards drift. Northern Canada has the flow which happens most times over the SE USA.

These are unfamiliar weather circulation patterns, which of course were born from the planet consistently warming. The extra rain pretty much happening on many planetary locations is due to the remnant of a strong just past El-Nino seeding combined with greater evaporation rates boosted by this warming. WD August 28, 2017