Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spring Break from within the sea ice core, 2017Arctic Ocean sea ice is already unusual, fluid movement captures

We look here at May 17 to 20 2017,  20 with the missing gap,  a huge opening lead (amongst many other large ones) spanning a great deal of the distance  from Russia to Canada, something like 2 to 4 kilometers large, getting bigger daily,  moving 10 kilometers in 3 days,  you can't miss it,  it is the biggest black line,  clearly open as we see it through the clouds.  
Spring break usually occurs on the coastal areas,  when rotation of the much consolidated pack  usually turns with the Arctic Ocean Gyre current,  clockwise.    If the pack is not so one piece of frozen mass,  then the break should occur everywhere else as it does indeed.   
  May 27 2016 had a small semblance of May 20 2017 look.  2017 sea ice was more fluid all winter largely as a result of the under emphasized big Minima Break up of the densest Canadian Pack ice seen here.  The lack of the usual super dense pack twinned with warmest winter in Arctic history, gave a new sea ice field, by all dimensions, temporal and size.  WD May 20,2017

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