Thursday, August 7, 2014

15,091 km^2 lost but likely no noticeable record of it

~Must be aware that overall records need a closer look

August 5-6-7 2014 NASA EOSDIS  Lower left cloud is 5,  clear air is 6 and Upper left cloud is 7.  Of the East Siberian Sea area.  The main pack is retreating steadily due to high pressure circulation,  but it leaves readily melting residual sea ice in its wake likely affecting the overall result when using area or extent 15% threshold as done by JAXA or Cryosphere Today. Instead of approximately 15K km^2 retreat,  the numbers from the 15% threshold method apparently would show much smaller result.  The current favourable for compaction  action in the East Siberian sea sector also is part of a larger stronger Arctic Basin Gyre movement which makes the other side of the Pole pack expand Eastwards in the warm North Atlantic,  giving the impression that there is no movement or action in that quadrant.   The over all result makes Sea ice extent and Area numbers look quite small. While there is indeed serious movement and melting going about.  WD August 7, 2014

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