Monday, November 21, 2016

Arctic Ocean air in total darkness enormous warmth, even in clear skies with partial North Atlantic air advection.

~Only one thing does that: ocean heat.

CMC Nov 21,  1800 UTC,  Surface Analysis.  Total darkness, varied in location -4 C to -20 C Arctic Ocean temperatures are extremely warm as a whole.  In particular Buoy 48276 ,  -12 C 85 N 90 W,  a place where -30 C is common at this time of the year.    What we see there is a great number of leads, where once was the densest thickest sea ice,  the engine that spurred winter to roar is now mainly  cooled from the South,  the only advection there is cold from land.    The 1024 mb High is not conducive to warming in darkness as well.  The only thing left is the warming from thinner sea ice and these leads,  which under clouds, or making clouds, keep the surface air on top of sea ice warm.

 NOAA HRPT November 21 1500-2200 UTC IR animation.     The warmest air as seen on surface analysis was below denser clouds,  but the open air has absolutely no other heat source but from the Ocean.

          2016 November great Arctic Ocean anomaly is a "dry run" of what an open long night Arctic Ocean would look like.  Cooling in Darkness would take place over Canadian Islands and Greenland,  this bends the Jet Stream Northwards on the East side of Greenland,  effectively driving warm air Cyclones to the North Pole.     In today's current situation,  multiple leads amongst thinner sea ice don't freeze over as rapidly compared with vast extent of older much thicker ice causing deeper quicker freezing and the build up of Anticyclones.  The current flow from the North Atlantic  slows the onset of a normal winter considerably.   The new presence of multiple leads dispersed throughout the Arctic Ocean,  as opposed to in parts as during previous recent warm years,  is similar to a wide open Arctic Ocean,  much tamer now,  but driving the circulation to keep the leads open,  or in the future, to maintain sea water wide open.  WD November 21, 2016  

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