Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Warmest mid-November Troposphere

  Day November 14 ,  2012 through 2016,  a snapshot in time at 600 mb (close to the average temperature of the entire troposphere).  2016 easily exceeds 2012 in warmth,  note where the
densest sea ice should be,  North of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago,  2016 warmest by 10 to 12 C.
It is an undeniable reflection of the state of sea ice,  swamped by mainly Atlantic cyclones,  which have dramatically slowed the refreeze,  but a stronger presence of thicker sea ice with less leads do the opposite,  repulse Cyclones.

  The year  for Nov 14 with the lowest expansive Arctic Ocean Pressure was again by far  2016.
WD Nov 17, 2016

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  1. These warm arctic temperatures are easily reflected in the Freezing Degree Days.
    I've charted the DMI N80 temps as FDDs. 2016 freezing season has less than 50% of the 1958-2002 climatology.,1611.msg94505.html#msg94505

    Like many arctic metrics we're in unknown territory, but we can expect even thinner ice come spring.