Thursday, September 15, 2016

Worse Sea ice in History next to North Pole towards Greenland/Spitsbergen

     2012 was the minima  year of record under the 15% peripheral method of measuring sea ice extent or area.   But as shown here just South of the Pole and North of Greenland,  had far denser sea ice, less mobile, as it should have been,  than 2016.  2015 same date showed the leads and fissures about to be bigger the following year.  2016 has utterly chaotic loose fluid sea ice where it was at 2012 minima relatively immobile and solid.   2016 to date has sea ice moving towards the Pole quite rapidly,  incredible if you think of it. The larger question is again raised,  how is 2012 the said minima year when 2016 has far less denser ice pack where it was most solid for Centuries?    Should we use a far more accurate and less esoteric method of judging sea ice quality and quantity?

    Smudges is all we see on September 15, 2016 JAXA,  which if it was so, sea ice would hardly move.   This representation gives a comparable image to 2012:

Same area had similar smudges,  but as we have seen on pictures above,  much more water.
 WD September 15, 2016

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