Tuesday, September 13, 2016

De-Coiling of Canadian side of Pole causes pan-Arctic sea ice expansion in extent

  Other effect of Transpolar Stream being nothing but a loose gathering of pack ice floating about with the winds,  is de-coiling of the densest pack ice left:

  The Canadian side of the Pole is literally breaking apart.

This has huge consequences throughout the Arctic,  namely expansion of the loose pack towards Russia, Fram Strait bulging and Canadian Arctic Archipelago invasion of decompressed sea ice:

The tide current in the CAA is uninterruptible ,  no matter where the winds originate.  The Straits cause a funneling of massive area (not height)  of Arctic Ocean daily tides pushing against the Archipelago NW shores.  If sea ice becomes looser in its densest pack,  more free flowing sea ice gets carried by tidal currents. WD September 13,2016 

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