Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cloudless window into the fragile state of de-coiled densest sea ice

   Very un-coiled  state of sea ice on the Canadian Greenlandic side of the Pole continues,  with open leads amongst many fractures easily susceptible to weather,  on the 13th frame we see approaching Low which should change this configuration shortly.

  JAXA September 13 2016.  The 15% rule masks or covers up this state of affairs with apparent sea ice not present.  The illusory diminution of open water is very much greater with loose pack ice presently on the Pole to Russian sector.  It is an acceptable depiction, as long as one is aware of the way these maps are made,  but why not replicate reality as fully as possible and forego this 15% rule at least with different full reality charts?  The luxury of no clouds for good observations is at times rare and fleeting.

  Sept 14 North of extreme NE Greenland very thick sea ice pushed Northwards like if it has a lot of room to move.    WD September 14,2016

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