Saturday, August 25, 2018

Slow melt rate appears on the verge to take a dive

~JAXA 45,000 km2 August 23-24 drop looks kind of smallish

  JAXA loop August 23-24 , 24 is with the darker sea ice areas,  has some very interesting aspects,  namely vast regions appearing to have much more open water,  but the drop was officially 45K.  However,   observe North of Wrangle Island vast area much larger than 100 K turning almost completely blue,  here is a good example of the 15% per 16 km square grid  rule confusing matters, 
but if the trend continues, these grids will eventually drop with ice content below 15%,  and cause quite a remarkable daily drop.  Which again will not be a huge area of  sea ice suddenly melting,  but would be the result from a long protracted melt and mixing process.  Even with this 15% rule,  the darkening of what is left of the other very large areas of the pack, signifying more open water,  didn't really show up with extent numbers,  therefore patience is required along with judgment when considering 2018 melt rates. WD August 25,2018

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