Saturday, August 18, 2018

Excessively fluid pack along with clouds very difficult to assess

~But there are some events which are mind boggling
~Fluid movement is on all sides of pack with strong winds

 Canadian Arctic Archipelago coast was mainly closed on 13 August,  now the entire coast has opened up very rapidly in excess of 50 km wide at some points and about 1400 km long,  an area  in excess of 100,000 km2:

  Clouds make it very difficult to access exact area,  but I can see through most of it,  roughly giving:

   There are spots lesser than or more than this google earth polygon demarcation.  The speed of this opening indicates a lighter over all sea ice pack,  still laced with older sea ice, acting as sails moving the ice with any winds with ease.  WD August18,2018

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