Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Very little wind significant change North of New Siberian Islands

   Again the larger question is how already badly broken up 2016 sea ice is reacting to Cyclonic winds?   Let's see what merely an approaching Cyclone did North of Siberia after July 19:

       There are at least 2 concurring major contributors to icescape dilution: one is critical temperature of sea ice core nearing multiple possible melting points, 2 is the  approaching Cyclone covered in the previous article.   Spreading and shattering ice around and very likely accelerating melting. Let's see the net effect with 2 clearest pictures:

      Devastation with very little wind, water to ice extent ratios have increased substantially, many ice pans have shattered and are difficult to recognize.    This is a small example of what a truly powerful Cyclone can do.   WD July 27,2016


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