Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rapid Supply and Melt North of Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit nunangani

   At present, the Beaufort Gyre current is very healthy with rapid continuous ice floes for the melt slaughter, again to the point where we can't readily easily identify any ice pan which disintegrates in shape and size in a matter of days.  Note in particular the apparent lack of day to day extent shrinking.  JAXA and other Grids may show very little melt progress but there is in fact huge ongoing melting.

       Melting occurs while the supply lasts:

    Further North of Northeast, the Central Arctic Basin has not an infinite supply of sea ice, although it may appear as such.  Note CAB sea ice pack density literally going smaller day by day, again extent numbers wont really explain this rapid melting until there is less ice than the required 15% threshold .   Archipelago Islands of course provide no such resupply, with the current flowing of sea ice away from them, these Islands provide "land shadows" ,  these give a net but small extent drop, however this is how the NW channels open suddenly, there is much more room for sea ice to move about.  WDjuly30,2016

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