Thursday, July 13, 2023

This July STEADY to STOP weather was foreseen in April

 ~Remarkable prediction success,  the new world weather order is here to stay.

   OK ,  back in April  ,    July projection:

July 13, 2023:

    "Historic heat streak"  was twinned with historic flooding particularly in Vermont USA.  EH2r April projection was written:  

                                  "With steady stagnating weather over North America, where its hot will persist hot,  where its moist will be soggier longer."

     The larger picture is clear, July 13 CMC loop shows no apparent or slow circulation:  

In fact it can be argued that the circulation has stopped in some parts :

Look at the mouse cursor pointing at Hudson Bay Low over one day,  literally not moving,  amongst other weather features,  but of course around any cyclone there is movement.  But when the cyclone stops moving,  the larger  general circulation is stagnant with respect to weather systems,  this gives troubling weather at any time of the year...  

     And so,  Global Anthropogenic enhanced Warming,  gives this kind of summer weather.  Being able to predict this feature,  was largely because the subject was observed many times,  the mechanics was finally uncovered in large part because climate scientists accepted GAeW as a fact,  they have taught this subject as best they could,  and to prove this good understanding, the projection or forecast,  from a humble student,  had to come through .   Anyone who does not dwell in this respected field,  who makes stupid claims that GAeW is not happening has naturally failed to predict anything correctly ad nauseam, should be shunned.  WD July 13, 2023

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