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Astro dating Ancient Egyptian RA coronation ceremonies, the guide.

 ~The research results leading up to this guide is kept for peer reviewing.

~The technique is simple and relies on the Great Pyramid establishing a standard precedent following centuries  of  a secret Pharaoh  accession to the throne practices, which continued thereafter construction completion until the fall of the Pyramid age.   

                There is still a modern day  Khoiak,  a Coptic holiday starting in December of our calendar.................  Long ago etymology likely derived from  Khufu Ahket,   the name of the Great Pyramid.  In the architecture of the this pyramid we can find at least 2 yearly solar calendar dates.   Being solar requires that these structures need be dedicated mostly Southwards.  

         The first incorporated date marker can still be in effect yearly in our modern times, it is in the Kings chamber, Southwards 45 degree shaft.  In meticulous stone work is once again Ancient Egyptian obsession with the angle of 45 degrees.  Many astronomers and Egyptologists,  probably most of them, even the fringe theorists,  have written this 45 degrees being related to Orion constellation belt stars, mainly circa 2570 BC.  But this obsession predates 2570 BC by several 100 years.   The autumnal sun transit angle at 45 degrees was prime,   occurring once a year,  signaling the start of the  growing season, matched in religion at the same day as Osiris rebirth.   Prominently written in the first the Palermo stone hieroglyphs, we find 1st dynasty Pharaoh estimated to be Djer or Djet having ascension to the throne Month 4 day 13,  this should be November 1 (Gregorian, our calendar),  considering the first day of the year is the heliacal rise of Sirius from 70 day absence, usually appearing on July 19.  In the Great Pyramid King chamber South shaft,  45 degrees angle, shone the sun initiating the start of Hb Sb festival.  It was so before this shaft was planned to be assembled, well before October 31 2370 BC,  the likely date of Khufu's ascension and the start of the Great Pyramid construction.    

   2 very important events,  Osiris rebirth and start of seeding period was perfectly set day by the sun itself.  It was officially meant to repeat itself every year and theoretically the sun should still shine in this shaft,  despite no more Nile floods.     

      The second incorporated Pyramid date was fixed in stone but represents the era of 4th Dynasty Pharaohs. Carved in this one slope is a solar and Sirius co-joined date,  November 20 2370 BC  , "Ka-her-Ka",   joining of the souls ceremony, a secret coronation ritual occurring when the transit of the Sun during the day is at the same level as the transit of Sirius during the night.   This was a unique day,  later related to the Queens Chamber South shaft angle of 39.6 degrees.   In 2340 BC this ceremony was very likely  held,  but this time in the Queens chamber,  the 30th year jubilee of Khufu.   This is how the Great Pyramid can be dated.  A method not only for pyramids,  but valid for all other Pharaohs following the Solar/Sirius  RA/Sopdet (Isis)  perfect calendar who hopefully left a structure aimed at the sun and Sirius,  a likewise engraving or strange writings with lines having angles a few degrees off from 40 degrees.   39.6 degrees set a precedent, it was unique for the Great Pyramid, the Cathedral of Ancient Egyptians who practiced the Solar religion ruled by RA.   Post 4th dynasty, you need to find the Great Pyramid shaft angle of 39.6 etched somewhere and another higher slope angle feature in order  to identify the cult practice. 

    The Great pyramids still offer complexities to be deciphered,  but simplicity itself was hidden in front of everyone for generations.   However, I am not sure if religious practices included dissemination knowledge about construction slopes to the contemporaneous populace, for certain this secret knowledge  was surely entrenched and relearned by the solar RA priesthood for as long as it survived.    The first of November was an important yearly event, the 45 degrees sun at noon,  did not guarantee perfection with respect to the start of the seeding season,   it was an angle with more religious and Pharaonic establishment connotations than with farming,  moreover the Orion star belt has a level of meaning several magnitudes lower than a tangible relivable perfectly synchronized sun calendar day. 


     All known shafts except one seem to have a clear practical simple purpose.  The King Chamber South 45 degree shaft  can still be in use every year.   The Queens chamber South shaft was not meant to be permanent,  thus found sealed at both ends,  it was part of a secret "joining of the souls" ceremony of the Pharaohs mainly for the 4th dynasty.  especially dedicated for Khufu,  the renewed "Pharaoh 0", enshrined forever.   WD April 5 2023  


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