Sunday, April 17, 2022

Voyage at Center of Cold Temperature North Pole, temperatures decreased as the rest of the Northern World warmed

~All the latest exciting discoveries were encapsulated in the first 2 weeks of April 2022

~  As the Northern Hemisphere warmed,  the Polar Vortex shrunk with extending outwards waves,  while the CTNP gradually returned to central Canadian Arctic Archipelago (CAA), making it deeply colder compared to 2 weeks prior.

~Vertical sun disks shrank accordingly,  but also had some expanded sun disks, meaning Cold Temperature North Poles have very small horizontal extents.  

~Absolutely astounding reversal of tropopause heights were noticed as well,  the tropopause at CTNP center can be as low as 5 km.

The Canadian Arctic  literally got colder as Spring progressed under the higher sun,  how exactly does this happen?  600 mb altitude closely represents the temperature of the entire troposphere.  The loop above show the only area not affected by southward waves of extended cold air,  the center of the PV, deepened in cooling,  where the atmosphere literally shrank in altitude as well,  the CAA tropopause in March was often at 10 km in altitude or higher,  by April 15 it was as low as 5.7 km (if not much lower).   Hence, a warming world can still have areas of deep cold temperatures.  In this latest event,  it was the circulation stability at CAA which enabled greater freezing temperatures.  Further South, the tip of Polar Vortex extended branches,  waves,   also caused multiple rogue vortices, which are weather entities capable of causing chaos,  simply because they cool substantially moisture rich air basking in the Sub Arctic.   At center of CTNP is like a voyage of exploration, where upon the observer remained steady.   It turns out. The center of a CTNP is not perfectly round like the eye of a hurricane,  but rather,  much like the Polar Vortex wavy shape,  rather a mini version,  I say that because vertical sun disks at CTNP center are irregular,  suggesting the horizontal core of CTNP column is amorphous,  which may have a deeper connection with the very shape of the Polar Vortex.   It was a unique privilege to be at at center of coldest air in the world,  it is not like many may imagine,  it was not cold, rather warmish, caused by the sensation calm surface winds do,  the CTNP was for a while at center of a low pressure,  which is fascinating, 
there was no other major detectable hint of it aside from sun disk anomalies.  WD April 17 2022

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