Tuesday, May 12, 2020

History of a recent Rogue vortice from a positioning to North Pole Polar Vortex

~Extraordinary latest geography of the shrinking Polar Vortex
 ~A North Polar centric Polar Vortex has one deleterious effect:  extra sunshine for vulnerable sea ice.
~Skinny elongated P.V.  are very vulnerable to become a Rogue vortice at extreme Southern limits. 

Keep in mind of extreme South light purple limits of the following:  (it mainly implies the position of the Polar jet stream)

With 3 rogue vortices  at once  from a shrinking Polar Vortex,  the biggest strongest one formed over Hudson Bay on May 5, becoming smaller the P.V. has no strong cold core capable of repulsing significant cyclones moving Northwards.  These cyclones warm the Vortex on its Eastern elongated sides  and pushes broken segments of it away from the cold center core.  Once isolated, cold vortices warm quickly,  rapidly reducing their lifespans.  Although the Hudson Bay Rogue vortice  may not have seemed to have warmed quickly enough on the ground,  having created some chilling snow flakes in extreme Eastern Southern Canada.  However the elongated nature of a vanishing Polar Vortex can create such freak weather events. 

What you just witnessed is the positioning of the core cold P.V. center towards the North Pole. What does this mean? In all practical terms a North Pole centric summer P.V. implies more sunshine hitting the thickest Northern Hemisphere sea ice in existence:

CMC May 12, 2020  1800 UTC surface analysis.  Note the Cold Temperature North Pole does not hover over a Cyclone or Anticyclone,  it usually is found in between these massive atmospheric pressure features,  the sun shines more in these huge area ,  smack over thickest sea ice.  This is not good for its survival.  Especially since the P.V. cold core is not about to move somewhere else fast:

Same area 6 hours later 500 mb level CMC analysis.  The pressure systems are very much vertically aligned with the jet stream around the light purple extreme Southern perimeter of the NOAA animation above.  A stable configuration settling the Cold Temperature North Pole over the North Pole.  WD May 12, 2020

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