Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fram Strait channel doubles, North Nares Strait has no Greenland stable sea ice shelf at all

We notice the usual late May early June "spring break" especially North of Ellesmere Island, the Big Lead reappeared along with many Northwestwards lateral fractures. The entire pack turning clockwise is a common feature at this period of year.  What is very unusual is is North of Greenland total collapse and disintegration of its perineal stable sea ice shelf,  which in the past reduced the flow of  ice through Nares Strait substantially.  In history,  the marking feature North of Nares was a circular opening of water surrounded by stable ice:
  A few years ago, 2 weeks later,  as seen through clouds,  North of Nares circular current and broken ice zone,  was mainly caused by stable ice,  now gone.  It can only mean more substantial sea ice lost, the steady ice shelf barrage is gone.   WD May 30,2017

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