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An accurate historical timeline, vital for climate studies. New Archeoastronomy discoveries. Akhenaten Boundary Stelae linked with the Great Pyramid architecture might help perfect our Ancient Chronology,

 On this well leveled photo,   we see boundary stela B,  at tell el-Amarna, ancient Akhetaten , juxtaposed with the Great Pyramid. There is a perfect alignment by way of a single sun ray going down the great pyramid Queens chamber South shaft,  having the same angle as with the ray touching Akhenaten's crown symbol called the Uraeus.  

This seemingly impossible coincidence, between badly damaged Boundary Stela B single sun ray alignment is simply astounding. There was no software manipulation at all achieving this image, the Queen Chamber South shaft and Uraeus sun ray simply matched straight from the internet.

There is a very low probability for this alignment to ever happen by chance. However, there is an astronomical reason for this link. It was from an Ancient Egyptian coronation ritual practiced 1000 years apart. These coronations can help calculate a solid date, given that we have another sun angle for Akhenaten’s ascension day, tentatively crowned November 22 1313 BC. 39 years earlier than the official chronology.

Certain sun and Sirius positions in the sky inspired the very architecture of the Great Pyramid. It also provided by chance a general but much more focused construction period for the Great Pyramid as well.

The very altitude point in the sky when Sirius and the sun existed at the same level was the day when the RA coronations took place, this was the very reason for the South shaft angle found in the Great Pyramid Queens chamber. As Akhenatens Uraeus sun line strongly implies.

I’ve calculated, with the help and suggestions from a good friend, the construction start year for the Great Pyramid, 2370 BC, a year almost exactly in between the standard Chronology 2570 BC and the GP carbon dating multiple sample results of 4150 BP. The Great Pyramid was built in the age of Aries having a vernal equinox sunrise. This calculation is a very close approximation with a little margin of error.

To inspire further research, I have written two essays, one for each era, which need publication in an interested science journal. I can’t publish in a peer review journal at present because of resources not easily accessible in the Arctic. I am currently trying to find a partner co-author, it is a difficult almost impossible process given my isolation. Failing to find a journal willing to publish, these essays will be eventually read here, unfortunately not the greatest readership impact. Unable to have leveled higher resolution pictures, precludes acceptance to a journal. Because they can be made or exist and publishers like the best quality photos. High quality images also reduce the probability of error to a minimum. A small solace to ease the coming formidable doubts in the well established ancient chronology authority which will provide extremely stiff resistance, most likely ridicule, to stop any changes from happening at all.

Example of what an extensive warming period can do

The Pyramid civilization collapse has happened 200 years or so after the construction of the Great Pyramid. A lot of what was gained in technological advancements, much improved from or coming from the great man of science Imhotep, was lost.  A massive intermediate period of famine with enormous chaos and destruction was the cause.  Undocumented wars surely happened, enemies, without or within the climate affected countries always attacked their foes at their weakest moments.

The Great Pyramid was an awesome accomplishment. It also offers the best example in human history for showing the ravages from Global Warming as opposed to what can be accomplished when we do not waste resources on repairing climate driven disasters . Ancient Egypt went from eventually experimenting with pyramids having large stones, to accomplishing a few huge ones at Giza, seemingly perfect, then not long after,  totally forgetting the techniques achieving them.  The subsequent greatest structures were of mud brick,  carved on or inside hills  or with recycled stones from looting previous constructions.   

      The world today would be very different was it not for a small but significant climate warming periods devastating North Africa.   What will happen to us with the ongoing super big global warming might be quite similar, despite our vastly improved technologies in some domains.

Current Ancient Chronology vs Greenland ice cores

In general if there is a colder Arctic, moisture from the Atlantic Ocean tends to flow West to East at a more Southward latitude towards the equator, providing greater cloud cover and of course heavier precipitation to Southern Europe and North Africa. Absent the cold winter atmosphere, moisture rich Atlantic ocean air tends to travel to Northern Europe, leaving North Africa much dryer.

As a good example, at the moment, North Africa has some moisture driven by present colder winter

MIMIC-TPW  ver.2   March 13 to 17 2023,  Total Precipitable water,  we see the source of water for the Nile from the East,  and also in particular the cloud source for Northern Egypt,  from the West.  This is what a cold Arctic atmosphere does to North Africa.  

 Greenland ice core temperature reconstruction.

During ancient history, there were great droughts, one in particular , namely during the famous first intermediate period, according to present chronology it was 2183 to 2060 BC. Officially on this GISP2 graph, it was a cooling period.

Another one, here we see 2570 BC in the middle of a significant warming trend, not necessarily a drought driven period (I have not read about a drought during the first 3 Ancient Egyptian dynasties) but it was not a wet period. Gisp2 graph 2370 BC had a more stable temperature period, likely when a lot of resources were not spent on survival,  but rather on some construction projects. There are other examples of interest to pick at. But lacking a high precision chronology history, makes ice core analysis somewhat tenuous.

Ancient Chronology in yellow,  does not make any climate sense,  Prior to about 1000 BC,  devastating droughts of the 1st and 2nd intermediate periods occurred during prolonged cooling trends.  The archeo astronomically calculated  corrected timeline (in green),  shifting the Great Pyramids 200 years earlier,   appears far more apt.    Alexander the Great timeline is not modified, the chronology seems more precise going forward in time from that point, but what we see here is a pattern.  War or civil wars comes about a lot during the warming periods.  The said Zenith era of Ancient Egypt ,  from 18th Dynasty pharaoh Hatshepsut onwards was during a cooling period following a  2nd massive intermediate warming era which ended in  wars.    

In these warming days with extreme and well documented climate and weather disasters, it is imperative to understand the historical repercussions of a warming world more than ever. WD March 15-16 2023

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