Sunday, May 21, 2017

North of Nares Strait region sea ice, once steady stable perineal, now thin unstable seasonal

   May 21 NASA EOSDIS captures for 2017, 2013 and 2015,  May 21 selection was chosen as the earliest date comparable,   extensive cloud cover forced the choosing of  later dates were picked for 3 other pictures:  2016 June 12;  2014 May 27 and June 15 for 2012.  Despite the much later dates sea ice was never for the worse compared to May 21 2017,  broken and smashed up,  is true to present days weakest formation of very thin tenuous sea ice.  As the NASA clips suggests, it was very recently not always this fragile North of Nares Strait,  despite a near permanent Gyre and tidal current,  2012 ice looked substantially thicker and stronger a month later.   This year to year animation gives the impression of a progressively continuous sea ice deterioration.   In the late 80's this ice sheet especially next to Greenland  was rock steady year round with only the current breaking it up at Northern entrance of Nares.  The broken up appearance of sea ice in 2017 demonstrates the total collapse of the steady but important thin sea ice shelves (3 to 5 meters).  WD May 21,2017

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