Saturday, November 12, 2016

Creeping Northwards winter faces the new world order of open water

~The fight is on,  but Darkness will make winter win.

   18 z CMC Nov12 2016,  the flow of warmed air over open water meets the coldest of this winter yet from Siberia.    There has to be cooling in darkness, especially over land areas.   And so it happened.  In the not so distant past the Arctic Ocean the Arctic Ocean was solid frozen at this moment,  winter easily spread Northwards making a much more fierce winter core for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.     Now winter gets isolated,  its basic macro geometry has changed.

  1045 mb High with temperatures as cold as -36 C meets the ice free Oceans,  but its the one from the North which shapes or stalls it.  Up to 15 degrees or more warming.  Bending and shaping the anticyclone.   On a wider planetary scale,   the climate is altered significantly from a past which wouldn't have this open water at all.  Again as of last decade or so,  winter has started within the Northern Continents,  as so, within the last dozen years,  all kinds of strange weather came about,  this year will be weirder because the causation from lesser thinner sea ice is bigger than ever. WD Nov12,2016

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