Tuesday, October 11, 2016

World wide effects from less Arctic sea ice

~Record warm Arctic Ocean impacts planetary circulation

   NOAA Map room last 7 days,  amazing Arctic warm temperatures can have no other origin than self since further South its just as cold over great Northern landscapes, the continents:

From the same time period we can theoretically trace where the jet stream may be,  as above,  South of coldest air anomalies. which are uniquely over land.
    Theory fits with reality,  therefore very warm Arctic Ocean,  gets replenished by warm Pacific advection, a dynamic feedback loop.   A colder Arctic Ocean would have a completely different jet stream profile.  A colder Arctic would flatten the undulations.

Jet stream 1987 (left) October 2-9,  appears not quite the same as identical period 2016 (right).  Not that it should be absolutely the same,  but there are no longer seasonal similarities.  A jet stream shift has happened. The mega 1987 jet over the North Atlantic was typical, most times likewise fuelled by more massive North American cold air building up.    At the base of this change is sea and ice surface temperatures :

   The warmth didn't mix as much with the Arctic in 87 (left),  while winter was naturally expansive in October,  2016 (right) has a different temperature layout for a good chunk of the Northern Hemisphere.  Radical change in sea and ice surface temperatures would absolutely naturally contribute to cause the difference.
WDOctober 11-13,2016

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